Highly Cooperative, Flexible, and Communicative

Our Team

DERMALOG -  a growing team developing biometric


employs eminently respectable biometrics and IT experts. Since 2002 our team in Hamburg has been constantly growing. Since 2013 even 60 new employees have joined us, making us a team now consisting of 150 members – with a high ratio of female employees,  all with a different cultural background.

provides its team with the best possible tools, infrastructure and network to work effectively. We value our employees as our most precious asset and constantly optimize their working environment.

The employees at DERMALOG are the foundation of our success. Even as the number of employees has constantly been growing, DERMALOG always pays attention to interdisciplinary teamworking, diversity and flexibility.

DERMALOG’s internationally renowned team of scientists, engineers, technicians and software experts along with worldwide regional sales experts and consultants have built a network across the globe that allows us to come up with customized solutions suitable for any region and condition.
We value and promote strong communication and cooperation between departments.
Thus, it is a matter of course for DERMALOG that we keep our hierarchies flat and our lines of communication short.

Our experts from various specialist fields work together in an interdisciplinary fashion, which gives us the ability to assign individually assembled teams consisting of experts from different departments to each project – best suitable to the respective project requirements.

Thereby, we are able to maintain our flexibility, can create innovative solutions for our customers and guarantee successful installations and ideal services.
Cultural diversity is one of the central characteristics of our team.
We do not just see the promotion of a diverse workforce as an obligation due to our international customer base, but as a means for stimulating creative thinking and problem-solving.

This enables us to assign the best suitable interculturally competent experts to each project, developing optimized solutions in close cooperation with our clients while the approaches from different cultural points of view help us to think outside the box and leverage our creativity, which is represented in our cutting-edge products and solutions.
We allow our employees a lot of liberties, urging them to bring in as many ideas as possible and proactively help to advance our products, resulting in a wide variety of highly innovative biometric products. In return, we demand high flexibility from our associates.

Well aware of the fact that in many cases the flawless operation of our products is mission-critical to our clients’ projects, we see it as an obligation to provide high quality services and support everywhere in the world. Thus, we maintain direct and on-site contact with our clients and try to react as quick as possible to arising problems.

We also consider that nearly all of our large scale projects are tailor-made solutions - and in our philosophy highly adaptable products can only be created by highly flexible and open-minded people.

These values have proven over and over again to be the right guideline in order to create highly motivated team. It is primarily our team’s merit that DERMALOG has become one of the world’s leading biometric companies.
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