• The DERMALOG “Iris Matching” scores with accuracy and convenience

    8.5 million Matches per second

    The biometric Iris Solution by DERMALOG provides the speed of more than 8.5 million Matches per second, certified by the SGS-TÜV Saar. Iris Recognition shows a precision that is made for use with large-scale data sets.
  • Merkel and Abe take a close look at Multi-Biometric Solutions

    German Chancellor visits DERMALOG

    DERMALOG´s CEO Günther Mull presents multi-biometric solutions to Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at the company’s CeBIT stand.
  • CeBIT 2017 – Against identity fraud with DERMALOG solutions

    Multi-biometrics provide security

    From 20. - 24. March DERMALOG displays the use and possible combinations of different biometric solutions.
  • Future of security: Biometric Face Matching software

    1.4 billion people within 14 seconds

    DERMALOGs “Face Matching” is the fastest software for biometric Face Matching on the market with a speed of 100 million matches per second on a single blade.
  • New World Record for Fingerprint Recognition Software

    Nearly one billion matches per second

    The largest German biometrics provider presents the fastest Automated Fingerprint Identification System in the world - the DERMALOG AFIS with nearly one billion matches per second.
  • DERMALOG biometrics contributes to fraud prevention in Nigeria

    DERMALOG tackles fraud in Nigeria

    DERMALOG is providing its identification technology to make a successful contribution towards combating fraud in Nigeria.The country’s government identified numerous employees who had been receiving their salary unlawfully.
  • New biometric passports for the Maldives

    Epassports and border control system

    DERMALOG has supplied new biometric passports, eGates and an AFIS system for registration and personalization of electronic passports to the Republic of Maldives.
  • World’s first combined fingerprint and passport scanner

    DERMALOG at Cartes 2015

    DERMALOG has invented the first in the world combined scanner which scans both passports and fingerprints on the same surface. It was presented for the first time on the Cartes exhibition 2015 in Paris.
  • International research projects


    During the last years, many ABC Gates have been deployed in the main European airports, most of them as pilot projects intended to test their capability to improve the border crossing processes in aspects such as speed, security, automation, false...
  • All about mobile devices

    CeBIT 2015

    DERMALOG presents its latest biometric innovations at the Hannover CeBit exhibition, 16 - 20 March 2015 - DERMALOG, the biometrics innovation leader, shows unprecedented new solutions for our increasingly mobile world
  • African Biometrics Company of the Year Award

    DERMALOG achievements in Africa

    The consulting company Frost & Sullivan has awarded Germany’s largest biometrics manufacturer DERMALOG and its customized solutions and products for Africa with the “2015 African Biometrics Company of the Year Award”.
  • DERMALOG - Cutting edge biometrics

    Biometrics and Border Control Award

    Frost & Sullivan 2013
    The consultancy Frost & Sullivan presented its Customer Value Enhancement Award to Germany's largest biometrics manufacturer, DERMALOG Identification Systems, for its exceptional biometric border control system.
  • “Passwords? Forget about it!”

    Cebit 2013

    How many times a day do you have to log in to various systems and networks? How many different user names and passwords do you have? And all that login information you have to keep entering, what if it fell into the wrong hands? The solution is...
  • DERMALOG - A step ahead of the competition

    Undivided focus on customer needs

    The 2011 Frost & Sullivan European Customer Value Enhancement Award in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Biometrics Market is presented to DERMALOG Identification Systems.
  • Fingerprint Liveness Detection Test 2011

    DERMALOG with the best results

    In the year 2011 the second international Fingerprint Liveness Detection competition – LivDet 2011 – was conducted by the University of Cagliary, Italy and Clarkson University in the USA. In this competition Dermalog performed best.
  • Most innovative medium-sized businesses


    Germany's leading biometrics producer, Hamburg-based DERMALOG, has been chosen as on of the 'Top 100' most innovative medium-sized businesses, thanks to its inventive spirit.
  • 129 million fingerprints in one second

    DERMALOG sets biometric world record

    World record in fingerprint identification
    DERMALOG has set a new world record in the identification of fingerprints. 'DERMALOG Next Generation AFIS', correctly identifies the ten fingerprints of one individual within one second from a database of more than 129 million fingerprints.
  • Ernst & Young Award

    Entrepreneur of the Year - 2007 and 2010

    Award Entrepreneur of the Year1
    “We are very delighted that Ernst & Young has selected DERMALOG as finalist for their annual “ Entrepreneur of the Year “ award twice – in 2007 for the first and in 2010 for the second time.
  • Largest European Biometric Test

    DERMALOG wins in BioPII Test

    BioPIITest - Award
    In the year of 2005 the largest biometric field trial has been conducted by the German BSI in cooperation with the BKA at Frankfurt Airport.
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