International research projects


Dermalog is participating in the ABC4EU research project.
ABC4EU stands for Automated Border Control Gates for Europe. It is an EU wide project and involves a Consortium of 14 partners from 7 different countries, with a budget of 16,8 Million Euros, 70% EU funding. The aim of this research project is to make border control more flexible by enhancing the workflow and harmonizing the functionalities of Automated Border Control (ABC) gates in Europe at airports, harbours and land borders. The project started in January 2014 and will last for 3,5 years.

During the last years, many ABC Gates have been deployed in the main European airports, most of them as pilot projects intended to test their capability to improve the border crossing processes in aspects such as speed, security, automation, false rejection reduction, etc.
Experience gained from these pilots has been periodically assessed within the Frontex ABC Workshops, where the need for a harmonised approach has been specifically addressed as one of the most urgent issues to be solved. In particular, harmonisation would be required in areas as e-passports management, biometrics, gate design, human interface, processes, PKD certificate exchange, signalling and interoperability.
On the other hand, EU Smart Border Initiative adds a new approach to be considered in ABC development: The inclusion of a RTP system for Third Country Nationals and an Entry Exit System.
ABC4EU focuses in the need for harmonisation in the design and operational features of ABC Gates, considering specially the full exploitation of the EU second generation passports and other accepted travel documents. In addition, RTP (Registered Traveler Programme) and EES (Entry Exit System) will be specifically tested in the project to assess their feasibility and an EU level border management concept will be developed for end user assessment.
Dermalog’s activities in the project concentrate on Automated Fingerprint Identification and are aimed towards enhancing security of eGates by

- increasing the reliability of fake fingerprint recognition,
- continuous improvements of Dermalog’s AFIS algorithms in terms of matching and coding 
- leveraging easy integration and customization of its AFIS,
- overcoming the challenge of juvenile fingerprint recognition and consistently enabling verification for children as well as adults,
- and easing end-user experience by developing a new device capable of scanning both fingerprints and passports.

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