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DERMALOG Face Identification

DERMALOG’s Face Identification is known for highest accuracy and speed: 171.700.200 matches per second on a single blade.

Furthermore a module for spoof detection can be purchased. It will detect spoof attacks using photographs or masks.

For ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) applications, such as facial registration for ePassports, DERMALOG provides an additional face module. The module ensures 100% ICAO compliance for photographs.
  • Easy to integrate into ABIS (Automatic Biometric Identification System)
  • Outstanding matching performance
  • Linking high speed with a high degree of accuracy
  • Liveness detection to prevent spoof attacks
  • Supports all common file formats
  • Live recording of face images using a standard webcam
  • Live detection of feature points on the face (eyes, mouth, nose)
  • Live ICAO compliance checks of face features
  • Pose Detection (check on frontal face) with live feedback
  • Background Detection (if the background is homogeneous or not)
  • Occlusion Detection (detects occlusions in the face, e.g. dark sunglasses, scarves, etc.)
  • Mouth open / closed detection with live feedback
  • Automatic face cropping: Possibility to extract the captured face from the background
  • Possibility of facial expression

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DERMALOG Face Identification

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