Easy-To-Use Fingerprint Gate

DERMALOG Biometric Gate

As an extension of the DERMALOG eBorder Kiosk, DERMALOG BiometricGate offers an even easier-to -use application:

It very effectively prevents border crossers from being delayed and captures their fingers quickly and securely almost while the border crossers walk through.

As a result, no queues will build up at the border crossing.
  • Automatic detection of the right or left hand
  • Automatic fingerprint segmentation
  • Automatic fingerprint quality control
  • Automatic image compression and fingerprint template generation
  • Fast collection of fingerprints, about four times faster than a one-finger scanner while taking ten fingerprints
  • Fully integrated DERMALOG AFIS and DERMALOG Border Control

Scope of operation:

  • One finger flat
  • Four fingers flat
  • Two thumbs flat
  • 500 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • 19.7 points per millimeter (ppm)


  • Collection of applicant fingerprints
  • Collection of immigrant fingerprints


  • IEEE 1394 OHCI interface between scanner and PC
  • Ethernet interface as connection to the AFIS (FTP, SMTP)
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DERMALOG Biometric Gate

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