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The DERMALOG F1 is the smallest optical plain fingerprint scanner that fulfills various requirements for plain fingerprint quality. Live fingerprint detection ensures detection of fake fingers and which is another highlight of the F1. Most of the other optical live scanners can’t detect fake fingers.

The F1 - your perfect choice if you capture fingerprints for ePassports, ID cards or other applications due to highest quality features and compliance with international standards. Dry and wet fingers are no problem any longer with the F1.

Another outstanding feature is excellent ease of use and handling. Almost every person automatically puts his or her finger on the scanner correctly without needing instruction.

The fingerprint image size of about 18 kByte is comparatively small (WSQ 1:15 compressed fingerprint image, as per FBI specifications) - an important requirement for all RFID applications. Other scanners need more than twice the storage space due to too large fingerprint capturing surface. The F1 helps to keep storage space on your ePassport or eID card very small.

Highest image quality and leading technical features make the F1 your best choice – at the best price.
  • Detection of fake fingers
  • Instant fast capturing - no initialization required
  • High-quality images - no reference images required
  • Best against disturbing light - no side effects caused by other light sources
  • Best in handling fingerprint capturing
  • Excellent quality for both dry and wet fingerprints
Fingerprint scanning window size:
25 mm x 18 mm
Image size: 24.4 mm x 16.3 mm
Image resolution: 480 x 320 pixels or 416 x 416 pixels, 500 dpi
Bit depth: 8 bit, 256 gray levels
Fingerprint image size (BMP): approx. 160 kByte
Fingerprint image size (WSQ-compressed): approx. 18 kByte
 Quality conforming to standards: CE
EC Directive 2004/108/EC
EC Directive 2002/95/EC
BSI-TR 03104, 03118
FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B, 2009

Technical Data:

Dimensions (H x W x D):
31 mm x 53 mm x 68 mm 
Operating temperature: -10 to + 55° C
+14 to +131° F
Interface: USB 2.0 high-speed

The DERMALOG F1 is also available as OEM version.

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