Biometric Login for Large-Scale IT Systems

DERMALOG FingerLogin

With FingerLogin, DERMALOG presents the first professional biometric login for large-scale IT systems of companies, banks, hospitals and governments/authorities.

The DERMALOG FingerLogin Keyboard with integrated fingerprint scanner ensures maximum security by means of its high-performance optics and Live Finger Detection. It can be connected to a PC or a Thin Client via a USB interface and the powerful biometric software package compares the scanned image with the fingerprint database and password administration.

DERMALOG FingerLogin is the first professional biometric solution designed for a high number of users, is capable of integration into networks of public authorities, companies and other organizations, such as hospitals or banks. The system runs under Windows and Linux.

Finger replaces password

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Higher data security
  • No forgotten passwords
  • No stolen passwords
  • No password changes
  • BSI-certified fingerprint scanner
  • Detection of fake fingers
  • Instant fast capturing - no initialization required
  • High-quality images - no reference images required
  • Best against disturbing light - no side effects through other light sources
  • Best in handling fingerprint capturing
  • Excellent quality for both dry and wet fingerprints

Image Quality:

Fingerprint scanning window size:
25 mm x 18 mm
Image size: 24.4 mm x 16.3 mm
Image resolution: 480 x 320 pixels, 500 dpi
Bit depth: 8 bit, 256 gray levels
Fingerprint image size (BMP): approx. 160 kByte
Fingerprint image size (WSQ-compressed): approx. 18 kByte

Technical Data:

Dimensions (H x W x D): 
 36.5 mm x 516 mm x 143.5 mm
 Interface:  USB 2.0 high-speed
 System requirements for screen saver:   
MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, USB connection, Pentium IV or higher, 265 MByte RAM minimum

SDKs for Windows or Linux are available on request.

Download the current Brochure:

PDF Download Bruschure DERMALOG LF10Brochure:
DERMALOG_FingerLogin.pdf (1,7MB)
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DERMALOG FingerLogin

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