Fingerprint Scanner combined with Smart Card Reader

DERMALOG ZF1 + Smart Card Reader

The DERMALOG ZF1 + Smart Card Reader extend the outstanding qualities of the DERMALOG ZF1 fingerprint scanner with an integrated smart card reader.

Thus, it is the ideal solution for authentication systems based on smart cards.
The DERMALOG ZF1 + Smart Card Reader fulfill all quality requirements by the FBI, ANSI-NIST, MINEX, ILO and numerous other standards.

Once the fingerprint of the card holder is captured and saved on the smart card, he can easily identify himself as the legitimate owner by putting the card into the reader and his finger on the fingerprint scanner.

Card reading and fingerprint scanning can now be conducted with only one device: the DERMALOG ZF1 + Smart Card Reader.

So the ZF1 + Smart Card Reader is the perfect solution for any authentication system with integrated fingerprint biometrics based on smart cards.
Due to the incorporated automatic fake fingerprint detection, the ZF1 + Smart Card Reader also provides best possible security. Furthermore, the ZF1 + Smart Card Reader recognize and capture dry and wet fingerprints flawlessly.

Its design does not only make it extremely space-saving but also grants great ease of use and handling as every person automatically places his finger on the scanner in the correct position.

The DERMALOG ZF1 + Smart Card Reader supports all MCU-based cards as well as all other popular memory cards in the market today.

With the ZF1 + Smart Card Reader, DERMALOG combines a high-quality fingerprint scanner with a state-of-the-art smart card reader in one device – your best choice at the best price.
  • Instant fast capturing – no initialization required
  • High-quality images – no reference images required
  • Best against disturbing light - no side effects caused by other light sources
  • Excellent quality for both dry and wet fingerprints
  • Supports all MCU-based cards as well as all popular memory cards in the market today

Image Quality:

Fingerprint scanning window size:
25 mm x 18 mm
Image size: 24.4 mm x 16.3 mm
Image resolution: 480 x 320 pixels, 500 dpi
Bit depth: 8 bit, 256 gray levels
Fingerprint image size (BMP): approx. 160 kByte
Fingerprint image size (WSQ-compressed):    
approx. 18 kByte
ISO 7816-1/2/3,

Technical Data:

Dimensions (H x W x D):      
57 mm x 67 mm x 104 mm
Operating temperature: -10° to +55° C
+14° to +131° F
Interface: USB 2.0 high-speed

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DERMALOG ZF1 + Smart Card Reader

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