Biometric Solutions


  • Pioneering electronic voting

    DERMALOG Election System

    Secure Voting
    DERMALOG supports governments to conduct efficient and transparent elections. Our systems improve electoral management comprising the suitable software, hardware, logistics and training, in close cooperation with local partners.
  • DERMALOG Government Solutions

    DERMALOG VF1 – Secure Identification

    The perfect solution for national registration and automated border control especially suited for integration into eGates.
  • Forgery-Proof High-Security Documents

    DERMALOG Biometric Documents

    id card
    DERMALOGs highly secure documents with integrated biometric features offer indispensable technology for personal identity cards, driver's licenses and health insurance cards.
  • DERMALOG Government Solutions

    Biometrics in successful Law Enforcement

    DERMALOG Border Management
    Biometric data is an important standard for law enforcement purposes. DERMALOG provides cutting edge biometric technology and has pioneered for decades in R&D.
  • DERMALOG Government Solutions

    Secure and Efficient Border Management

    Biometrische Grenzkontrollsysteme
    State-of-the art biometric border control systems and identity checks for secure border management - DERMALOG offers the right solutions.
  • DERMALOG Government Solutions

    Safeguarding Social Service Systems

    DERMALOG - Social Service Systems
    Excellent identification systems support the social service systems. DERMALOG delivers reliable AFIS-based applications. Contact us now.
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