Forgery-Proof High-Security Documents

DERMALOG Biometric Documents

DERMALOG offers a complete range of high-security documents with integrated biometrics, such as personal identity cards, driver's licenses, health insurance cards and other national identification documents or certificates.

The fingerprint saved on the DERMALOG Smart Card and/or in the form of a 2D barcode in connection with "private public key data" architecture creates the most modern and forgery-proof solution for document production and verification systems.

Due to this well-engineered and indispensable technology, we look back on successful implementations of our DERMALOG biometric documents worldwide. All were delivered according to special customer requirements.

In addition, DERMALOG provides state-of-the-art hardware: document readers, chip and RFID card readers, 2D barcode readers as well as fingerprint live scanners adapted to special application requirements.

DERMALOG is ILO-certified in accordance with ILO SID-0002; Convention No. 185; ISBIT-3.

DERMALOG biometric documents are the perfect solution to secure identity data with biometric information (e.g. fingerprint) of the card owner.

For example, if the fingerprint of the card owner is stored on the integrated chip (contact or contactless) or printed as a 2D-barcode on the document itself, only the card owner is able to prove that this document belongs to him.

In 2000, DERMALOG implemented a microprocessor card (chip or smart card) as national identity card in Brunei, the first of its kind. Fingerprints of card owners were stored on the contact chip. The actual identity can be proven and or verified anywhere through the use of the biometric information saved on the document. In order to ensure the uniqueness of the identity the use of an AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) is necessary.

Before the personalisation and handover of the biometric secured document the fingerprints are submitted to the AFIS, where they are compared to those already stored in the database.

In case no duplicates were found by the AFIS the biometric secured document can be personalized and handed over to the legal owner. The AFIS prevents false and/or double identities and prevents fraud, e.g. in access to pension funds, social welfare and other applications related to pay out of money or vote casting.

Processor Chip

  • RSA & DES encryption
  • Private key and public key
  • Challenge response
  • Additional database matching


  • Coded fingerprints
  • Live fingerprint comparisons
  • Encoded images

Secure Printing

  • Guilloche printing
  • Micro printing
  • UV printing
  • Holograms
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