Pioneering electronic voting

DERMALOG Election System

DERMALOG supports governments to conduct efficient and transparent elections. Our systems improve electoral management comprising the suitable software, hardware, logistics and training, in close cooperation with local partners.

Our innovative practices make us a trusted partner in the worldwide electronic voting industry. DERMALOG’s implementation of large-scale projects in various countries such as Nigeria, Cambodia or Brazil and our geographical presence on several continents in combination with our trusted biometric product portfolio have made us a partner for a large number of customers.

We know that the requirements for correctness, robustness, coherence, consistency and security in elections are of utmost importance. Governments expect reliable, fast and accurate voter registration at the polls under any conditions. Theses prerequisites are mandatory to maintain the integrity of electoral processes and to reduce irregularities and mistrust.

Staff management and training – with essential experience

During and before automated elections DERMALOG coordinates local employees to monitor the electoral process. We recruit and train field support workers and cooperate with internationally renowned partners. We put special emphasis on the transfer of skills and the required know-how to the customer’s staff. We can provide professionals that have essential knowledge and experience in biometric technologies and solutions.

Organizing logistics – coordinating complex election processes

DERMALOG supports and organizes the on-time and secure distribution, storing and withdrawing of equipment to and across polling stations. Thanks to our well-established project management tried and tested in many countries for over 20 years and the cooperation with trusted partners we are able to coordinate even complex automated election processes.

Infrastructure, soft- and hardware – fully automating elections

DERMALOG’s sophisticated election software allows for managing electoral processes. It receives and monitors information from voting machines ahead of tallying votes.

Optical scanners with DERMALOG’s proven fingerprint technology are designed to register and tally the votes on the ballot papers. They store votes by encryption and ensure accuracy as well as security. Basic support issues relate to the client system hardware such as the finger print capturing devices, digital cameras or the PCs as well as basic configuration issues.

The DERMALOG Election System provides for the necessary election infrastructure, e.g. computer networks and the administration of users. This includes:
  • Issues related to the backend database system
  • Issues related to networking, operating system and configuration issues
  • Maintenance and support to run the DERMALOG AFIS system

DERMALOG Election System – Seamlessly integrated.


The DERMALOG Multipurpose Election Device (DERMALOG EL3) is a newly
developed platform supporting elections demanding for secure procedures. The implemented biometric identification systems are convincingly cost-effective and impress with their outstanding high-speed performance.

Optional Features

  • Optional printing
  • Optional ballot box
  • Excellent easy use and best in handling fingerprint capturing
  • Excellent quality for both dry and wet fingerprints
  • Maximum protection from false identities and double voting
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