DERMALOG Government Solutions

Biometrics in successful Law Enforcement

As a pioneer in the IT field of biometric identification, DERMALOG has been engaged in research and development of biometric systems for more than three decades.

DERMALOG is a provider with a wide array of products in this field, and the only German provider of AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) solutions.

DERMALOG AFIS is the first software system running on Windows platforms. We overcame the premise of other manufacturers who force a dependency on their customers (governments) to proprietary hardware.

DERMALOG has installed its criminal AFIS solution for law enforcement purposes in many countries all over the world. Latent fingerprints for example, found at crime scenes, are submitted to the AFIS.  The DERMALOG AFIS is able to process even latent images of poor quality.

DERMALOG AFIS is one of the most popular and renowned fingerprint identification systems for criminial investigation worldwide.
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