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Safeguarding Social Service Systems

The use of identification systems supports social service systems, e.g. in national registration, immigration, health, election, welfare and pension systems. In all of them the correct identification is becoming more and more important.

The increasing abuse of these systems by impostors results in further costs. In order to counter these problems DERMALOG has developed a wide range of AFIS-based applications to prevent identification fraud and avoid systemic misuse. 

Citizens can be identified by their own fingerprints. The DERMALOG AFIS ensures the uniqueness of the person and prevents the use of false identities. No one can register multiple times with fraudulent identity documents for social benefits. 

Implementing Dermalog's AFIS solution immediately reduces the costs caused by identity fraud - the system pays off in few months. As a consequence, it provides value to the tax-payer and governmental budgets can be used for those who really need to receive the social benefits to which they are entitled.

After the unique ID is guaranteed a biometric secured identification document can be issued and handed over to the citizen, for example: eID card, ePassports, health insurance cards, voter registration cards, social welfare cards, civil servant cards, pensioner cards, seafarers' cards, soldier cards, drivers' license.

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