Maintenance and Support

DERMALOG understands that the sustainability of every biometric system lies on the availability of a strong maintenance and support mechanism.

Thus, DERMALOG cooperates with renowned local partners for every project and organizes a local support team composed of professionals, which will ensure fast and smooth implementation of the systems. The local support teams are fully involved during the project execution period and work together closely with the Dermalog staff. Moreover, Dermalog will put strong effort into the transfer of skills and know-how required to run the system by customer‘s staff.

The local support team will provide the first level support. Any issues that are beyond the local support team will be handled by the Dermalog staff on a second level basis.

The support issues can be categorized into:
  • Basic support issues that are related to the client system hardware such as the finger print capure devices,  digital cameras or the PCs as well as basic configuration issues.
  • Issues related to the backend database system
  • Issues related to Netwoking, both operating system and configuration issues.
  • Maintenance and support issues to the core AFIS system
We can provide professionals that have the a wide variety of qualifications and experience for each of the categories mentioned above.
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