Project Management

DERMALOG’s project planning and management methodology is accomplished via an enterprise project management tool to create and maintain the overall scope of project management activities.

DERMALOG forms a project management team specifically for each and every project to ensure the success of its installations. Every DERMALOG project is defined as a discreet set of tasks; each task has a specific goal, a schedule, and a metric that defines success for that task. Tasks throughout the continuum of the project lifecycle are:

Project Plan Creation

  • Design/ definition of project “life cycle”
  • Deduction of working packages
  • Definition of milestones
  • Definition and allocation of resources
Tasks will occasionally be modified, as the project is re-evaluated.
After every project termination the DERMALOG management teams have to prepare, accomplish and reinforce a project view. Therewith a continuous improvement process is possible by identifying improvement potentials for future projects. Therefore DERMALOG can guarantee high calibre project management terms to meet and exceed business targets.

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