<b>Smart Verification Terminal</b> 4500

Smart Verification Terminal 4500

Rugged multi-modal biometric handheld

Highly Resistant to Damage

DERMALOG´s biometric mobile device is drop-protected, resistent to dust and water.

Secure Identification with Multi-Biometrics

As a multi-modal biometric handheld it can combine the matching of fingerprints, faces and irises. 

Stable and Wireless Communication

The SVT includes different communication standards like LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Mobile Identification

DERMALOG's Smart Verification Terminal 4500 (SVT 4500) is an exceptionally rugged, high-performance, portable and multi-connectable handheld. It combines on-device and server-based identification, including multiple wireless communication standards (Bluetooth/WIFI/GPS/NFC) to enable the future of mobile biometrics. With a built-in high-performance fingerprint scanner and camera, the SVT 4500 can be combined with DERMALOG's advanced Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) for multi-factor identification.

The fingerprint scanner provides high-quality images (500 dpi) and is certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI PIV). The device also features field-proven DERMALOG liveness detection that reliably prevents presentation attacks. In addition, the SVT 4500 features a 13-MP rear camera that captures high-quality facial images for 1:1 and 1:N matching. As a multi-modal biometric device, SVT 4500 also enables iris identification. DERMALOG's iris recognition is one of the most advanced solutions on the market and provides fast matching even with large databases.

Card Reader

SVT 4500 captures and reads various document types such as ID cards, passports and driver's licenses. The terminal features a contact and contactless (NFC) interface for fast and convenient document reading. SVT 4500 also easily captures machine-readable data such as barcodes.

Wireless Interfaces

A stable connection is essential for most fields of application. To stay connected at all times, SVT 4500 includes 4G Full Band LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 5.1. These communication interfaces ensure secure and fast data transfer across any location.

Rugged Design

As an IP65 device, SVT 4500 is dust-tight and water-protected. Furthermore, the terminal is protected against drops from heights of up to 1.5 m and includes a scratch-resistant and sunlight-readable screen so that the SVT 4500 is ready for any field job.

The SVT 4500's outstanding features make this portable biometric device essential for high-speed and accurate mobile identification and verification via fingerprint, face or iris.

Numerous Applications for SVT 4500

Voter Verification

The most handy solution for biometric voter verification by fingerprint and face with a portable device. 

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ID Issuance and Checks

Biometrics provide maximum security and authenticity for ID issuance and checks.

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Police AFIS

State of the art solution providing comprehensive support for forensic investigation and law enforcement.

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Visitor Management

Highly secure solution for visitor access with biometrics.

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Biometric Banking

Biometric solutions for banks - ensuring maximum security and best possible KYC.

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SVT 4500 Technical Data

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)

    229 mm x 93 mm x 50 mm

  • Weight

    Approx. 680 g

  • Display & Touch

    5.5 inch, resolution 1080 x 1920, support multi-touch

  • Battery

    3.8 V/10000 mAh, removable battery

  • Expansion Slot

    1 x micro SD card, 2 x micro SIM card,2 x SAM card (optional)

  • Interfaces

    1 Type-C, 1 audio jack

  • Power Supply

    Fast charging supported

  • CPU

    Octa-core, 1.8 GHz or above

  • Internal Memory

    2 GB DDR, 16 GB eMMC
    3 GB DDR, 64 GB eMMC (optional)
    4 GB DDR, 64 GB eMMC (optional)

  • Storage & Operating Temperature

    Storage -25 °C to 60 °C
    Operating -10 C to 50 C

  • Humidity

    5 % RH to 95 % RH, non-condensing

  • Durability

    IP65 sealing, 1.5 m (4.9 ft.) drop to concrete

  • OS

    Android 9 or higher

  • Certification

    CE, FCC, RoHS

  • Wireless Communications

    WLAN (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
    Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.2 BLE)

  • Fingerprint Scanner

    FBI PIV/FBI Mobile ID FAP20 (Up to FAP30 & FAP45)

  • Camera (optional)

    Front camera (5 MP, fixed focus with dual flash)
    Rear camera (13 MP, auto focus with dual flash)

  • Iris (optional)


  • Barcode Scanner (optional)

    1D/2D imager

  • Card Reader (optional)

    Contactless card reader (IS014443 TypeA/B, Mifare)
    Smart card reader (IS07816)

  • Secure Element (optional)

    2 SAM slots, ISO7816



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