Company Background

Border Control Innovations for Singapore.

The new BioScreen system.

DERMALOG together with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) rolls out the new BioScreen system, which captures the thumbprints of visitors arriving and departing at Singapore's checkpoints, as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance security levels. It is compulsory for foreign visitors to scan their thumbprints each time they arrive and depart Singapore.

It also reminded travellers that security remains its top priority against any threats to Singapore, with the BioScreen system implemented at the passenger halls to capture the thumbprints of travellers. Singapore reports that a fingerprint checking system installed at borders is helping to find people who have violated immigration laws.

Important aspects

  1. The DERMALOG AFIS, the corresponding software solution for comparing fingerprints, ensures rapid processing.
  2. The “user front-end design” can be understood by everyone and instructs the person travelling in or out.
  3. The DERMALOG LF10, one of the fastest and most reliable fingerprint scanners in the world has been implemented.
BioScreen Implementation.

BioScreen Implementation.

Between 20 April and 19 May 2016, more than half a million travellers were cleared through BioScreen. During this period, through BioScreen, ICA detected persons with adverse records, including some who attempted to enter Singapore using false identities.

BioScreen Implementation.BioScreen Implementation.

The fingerprint scanner LF10 S captures fingerprints and signatures. It is supplemented with a screen guiding the traveller with instructions. Interaction with the officer is a provided with communication displayed on the screen. Its compact design fits ergonomical requirements. The scanner’s angle is provided with suitable inclination fitting different types of travellers.

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