Company Background

National Identity Card in Brunei

Microprocessor Card in Brunei – the First of its Kind

Brunei has been the world’s first state to introduce an identification card with integrated fingerprint biometrics – a DERMALOG pioneer feat. DERMALOG’s system also includes the central Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for identification and verification purposes.

DERMALOG has also provided the live scanners and peripheral hardware for the AFIS and their integration within the system. The AFIS went fully live in July 2000. Since then the enrollment for the Brunei ePassport includes the registration of the citizens' ten fingers. In 2008 DERMALOG also provided the DERMALOG Gate system for Brunei which can be used by the citizens of Brunei holding the Brunei smart identity card and citizens of Malaysia holding the Malaysian eID card.

This project involves all sections under the Immigration and National Registration Department. It connects all systems at the department with the border control system at control posts as well as the smart identification card system. Amongst others, the objective of this connection is to ensure a speedy sharing of information especially on the data entry aspect between the department and other sections as well as provide accurate authentication in case any need to investigate on a data or a person´s individual details.


Important aspects

  1. First-in-the-world microprocessor card (chip or Smart card) as national identity card.
  2. Microprocessor chip offers a multitude of applications, making it a multi-purpose smart ID card.
  3. Substantial cost savings, particularly through prevention of duplicate or false identities.

Innovative Single-Door DERMALOG Gate System

Innovative Single-Door DERMALOG Gate System

Onboard cameras operating with 3D technology substantially improve the performance of the installed DERMALOG Gates. Their main benefit consists of a fully automated and highly secure single door system in a compact all-in-one design. Usually a two-door system is needed to ensure the authentication of every single person entering or leaving the country.

Innovative Single-Door DERMALOG Gate System

Brunei had already introduced a biometric passport with the help DERMALOG technology some years ago, in order to combat illegal immigration. The new ePassport has an embedded 72-kilobyte chip and several security features. This complies with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) which makes it more difficult to duplicate. The chip itself contains the owner's facial and fingerprint images.