Company Background

DERMALOG ePassport System

Secure travel documents

In a globalized world, increasing mobility creates a need for secure travel documents which adapt to new security threats. New ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards and transition from conventional to ePassports is in progress for over a decade - presenting new challenges to government agencies.

DERMALOG's ePassports comply with ICAO guidelines (Doc 9303) and protect the citizen’s privacy by securing biometric and demographic data. The electronic documents contain encrypted data stored on a chip. This allows the automated, secure and fast processing of passengers crossing borders.

DERMALOG offers a wide portfolio of ePassports and corresponding components - meeting a wide range of government agencies’ needs. Including: complete ePassport documents as well as electronic components such as inlays or data pages with integrated electronic components.

ePassports are equipped with trusted DERMALOG solutions for registration, issuance and verification of documents: complete end-to-end tailor made and modular solutions based on in-depth knowledge of identity experts.


A biometric ePassport system by DERMALOG involves a digital registration process. It provides capturing of biometric data in compliance with ICAO guidelines and ISO/IEC 19794, complemented with country specific information. Relevant biographic and biometric data obtained from fingerprints, face and iris, a digital photo or signatures are captured and stored.

Approval/Data Check

Scanned fingerprints will be matched against a database - if they are already registered. The applicant’s nationality is checked, from an ID card and the information is e.g. compared with blacklists, and duplicates.


After ePassport application data passes approval process - it is transferred to the personalization database. The ePassport personalization may include the following processes: 1. ePassport personalization 2. Data preparation 3. ePassport quality check. 

The DERMALOG VF1 is the world's first scanner for biometrics and documents. Also available the DERMALOG ePassport Scanner XF3: Intended for automatic reading and authenticity verification of passports, ID cards, visas and other documents. Providing the capability of text data recognition, reading barcodes, RFID tags and smart cards. DERMALOG scanners are ready to be integrated into biometric gates.

DERMALOG delivers state-of-the-art ePassports

  1. Contactless IC containing a biometric identifier (face, fingerprint, iris) to authenticate
  2. Visa pages: Security features may include laser perforation numberings, different security designs, visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, rainbow printing etc.
  3. Available in different materials, such as polycarbonate or paper laminated with security hologram overlay