Company Background

Driver's License and E-Government for the Philippines

Digitalization of Public Services

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Philippines launched a new system to digitize and centralize its services. DERMALOG supplied the agency with its latest technology. The system stores and processes all relevant data of Philippine citizens for driver's license, car registration and even for penalty payment of committed offenses in one single system.

The new online portal of LTO is combined with a so-called LTMS (Land Transport Management System). It includes an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) from DERMALOG with face and fingerprint identification, which prevents false or double identities. Furthermore, the new system allows easy integration of services of other government agencies in the Philippines.


The Driver’s License System

DERMALOG provided LTO of the Philippines in 2017 with the new driver´s license system. The agency called for an upgrade of its current driver’s license cards consisting of Professional, Non-professional and Conductors Licenses. The deliverables for this project included durable polycarbonate cards and card artwork, AFIS System, workstations for registration and printing, laser engraver card printers, high definition web cameras as well as fingerprint scanners and digital signature pads for 265 LTO District Offices. Due to the many outstanding driver’s license cards pending to be issued, time was very crucial for this project.

In an international tender for this project, DERMALOG was able to assert itself against all competitors and accepted the challenge of this demanding driver’s license system comprising of a high speed AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) and all corresponding hardware to be fully deployed and commissioned within a very tight schedule.

Important aspects

  1. A DERMALOG turnkey solution comprising of all corresponding software, hardware, training, and maintenance.
  2. Effective protection against identity fraud through biometric authentication of the highest accuracy.
  3. Vastly improved service to the public through instant card issuance within 5-10 Minutes.

System Implementation

System Implementation

The gradual introduction of the LTMS ensures that all stakeholders can enroll in an appropriate time frame. The system is designed to allow stakeholders to connect directly to the LTMS via customized online portals. This process gives LTO full control of the transaction, minimizes the risk of fraud or manipulation and secures data privacy.

The stakeholders have different workflows with specific requirements, e.g., biometric verification before uploading a certificate. DERMALOG provides tailored packages to the stakeholders for biometric verification. Needed equipment are mobile handhelds, fingerprint scanners, RFID readers, software and installation support.

System ImplementationSystem Implementation

The driver's license system first went live on the 29th August 2017 in Manila, the nation's capital, replacing the former system after only 4 months. A total of 32 security features and integrated fingerprint biometrics make the new Philippines driver's license one of the most secure in the world today. Thanks to the DERMALOG system, cards can now be issued within only 5 to 10 minutes, vastly improving public service in the Philippines.

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