Company Background

DERMALOG National ID Card Systems

DERMALOG for National Registration Departments

DERMALOG has successfully delivered the registration system, central database AFIS/ABIS and biometric ID Cards for numerous national registration departments.

DERMALOG can look back on successful implementations worldwide – tailor made according to individual customer requirements.


A National ID Card System by DERMALOG involves a digital registration process. It provides capturing of biometric data complemented with country specific information. Relevant biographic and biometric data obtained from fingerprints, face and iris, a digital photo or signatures can be captured and stored.

Approval/Data Check

Scanned biometric data will be matched against a database - if it is already registered. The applicant’s identity is checked and compared with blacklists, and duplicates.


After the application, data passes an approval process - it is transferred to the personalization database. The process may include: 1. Personalization 2. Data Preparation 3. Quality Check.

ZF1+ Smart Card Reader – verifying Identity by Fingerprint and MCU-based Card. The perfect solution for any authentication system with integrated fingerprint biometrics based on Smart Cards.