Company Background

DERMALOG Oil Companies

Biometric security solution for oil refineries

Businesses exceeding a certain size face tasks that have to be handled by specialists. To manage large numbers of employees the use of biometrics is an appropriate and responsible step. Protecting installations and providing security is a vital interest modern companies must satisfy. DERMALOG provides complete biometric solutions for reimplementation or integration into existing installations.

Clients domiciled in oil-industry benefit from AFIS operated security management. Fingerprinting technology containing millions of data records can be used for employee identification. Operating 24/7 the DERMALOG solution can connect custom made biometric ID cards and single print, tenprint or latent print data.

Comprehensive Solutions

DERMALOG delivers fully operational systems including hardware and software. The scope of services includes installation, system integration and configuration to achieve tailor made results. Performance checks and training for local staff complete the offered services.

Approval/Data Check

Scanned fingerprints will be matched against a database - if they are already registered. The employee’s identity is checked and the information is compared to blacklist.

Including Technology to be Used for Criminal Investigation

The AFIS is ready for operation with latent fingerprints. Including a forensic workstation DERMALOG Scanners and fingerprinting software process latent prints whether scanned or taken by external camera. 

The DERMALOG AFIS meets the highest requirements of reliability and security. In combination with DERMALOG fingerprint scanners simple and intuitive solutions result.