Company Background

DERMALOG Maintenance & Support

Excellent international support service

DERMALOG employs support professionals with a variety of qualifications and experience for the entire product portfolio. The purchase of DERMALOG products and installations entitles the customer with excellent international support service.

DERMALOG cooperates with local partners ensuring every project operates successfully. A local support team, put together with specialists, assures a fast and smooth implementation process.

Ensuring successfull projects

The sustainability of every biometric system benefits from professional maintenance and support.

Local support teams are fully involved during the project execution period and have a close working relationship with the DERMALOG staff. A general objective is the transfer of skills to the local staff.

The local support team provides first level support. On a second level basis DERMALOG employees can solve issues beyond the first level support. DERMALOG provides worldwide support including all time zones - optionally 24/7.