<b>Portable</b> Biometric Registration Unit

Portable Biometric Registration Unit

Bringing biometric enrollment to the masses

Comprehensive Data Capture

Accurate enrollment of fingerprints, faces, signatures, and demographic data.

Operating in Any Environment

Rugged and compact design for reliable operation in harsh conditions.

Designed for Customer Needs

All unit components are customizable to any requirement.

Advanced Identity Management

The Portable Biometric Registration Unit is DERMALOG's compact case solution for mobile biometric enrollment and verification, capturing multi-modal biometric and demographic data with high-level accuracy and speed. The kit is designed for both online and offline registration, so it works even in remote areas without network access or electricity. DERMALOG's Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) matches the collected data and reliably detects duplicates to ensure that each person is registered only once.

The Portable Biometric Registration Unit enables government agencies to implement large-scale identity management, including biometric data, to enhance process security and protect the identity of each registered individual. DERMALOG's solution provides advanced enrollment for issuing secure credential documents such as ID cards and driver's licenses.

Tailored to Individual Requirements

As a turnkey solutions provider, DERMALOG can customize the unit's hardware and software to meet the client's needs. In addition to certified devices for face, fingerprint and iris capture, peripherals such as document readers, receipt printers and signature pads are supported. DERMALOG's user-friendly software simplifies operation and reduces enrollment time.

Each unit includes an advanced power system allowing full-day operation. All kits are housed in single, rugged IP67 plastic cases providing certified protection against dust and water. The inside of each case is lined with custom-fit foam inserts to protect all components from transport damage.

Product Features and Components

  1. FBI certified fingerprint scanner
  2. High-resolution camera for face capture
  3. Dual iris scanner

Numerous Applications with Portable Biometric Registration Unit

Voter Registration

Civil Registration

Driver's License

Health Cards

Border Control



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