Company Background

DERMALOG Biometric Voter Registration

Credible elections through biometric voting systems

Legitimate elections are fundamental in every democracy. DERMALOG has developed outstanding electronic voting systems that ensure the integrity and efficiency of elections. DERMALOG offers solutions that help to maintain the “one citizen – one vote“ mandate and establish just and accurate voting registries. Biometric data such as photographs and fingerprints is increasingly included in ID cards and passports – they can be used to make elections secure. Government administrations turn to biometric voting systems to organize fair and credible elections. Election integrity is acknowledged as a cornerstone of democracy. It promotes trust in elected governments.

DERMALOG is a trusted partner in the electronic voting industry. DERMALOG’s implementation of large-scale projects in various countries and the geographical presence on several continents in combination with a trusted biometric product portfolio have made DERMALOG a partner for a large number of customers. DERMALOG supports governments to conduct efficient and transparent elections. DERMALOG systems improve electoral management comprising the suitable software, hardware, logistics and training, in close cooperation with local partners.


DERMALOG offers state-of-the-art technology specifically designed to ensure highest security and to meet the comprehensive standards in the global election automation industry.


DERMALOG’s election system helps to streamline customer’s processes and increases productivity while saving time and money. It has been designed to attain maximum efficiency and performance to support election officials. These obtain the tools they require – all seamlessly integrated in transparent systems.


DERMALOG puts special emphasis to design its Election System products with scalability and adaptability. They are ideal for elections in any environment and of any size. DERMALOG's technology improves the transparency and integrity of the election process.

Take a close look at DERMALOG SVT 4500 – an ideal portable device for mobile voter verification. The DERMALOG election system prevents duplicate registrations and ensures precise biometric voter identification. It safeguards quick and accurate results while meeting highest requirements and standards of related authorities.