Company Background

DERMALOG Installation Service

Experienced and qualified Staff

With the DERMALOG Service Team on site during the entire phase of software and hardware installation – experienced and qualified staff is always involved. Usually a local partner supports the implementation to guarantee smooth workflows.

DERMALOG professionals are on site for this entire phase to ensure a ready to use installation for every project. Cooperating closely with a local partner ensures detailed knowledge about the local environment and the present conditions.

Ready to use installation for every project

Detailed implementation plans based on years of experience and worldwide operations are natural with DERMALOG. A close communication of contents and challenges keeps the customer always updated.

The server software is normally pre-installed, configured and tested in Hamburg at DERMALOG headquarters. The system is then configured into the customers’ network environment and handed over to the customer.

In most instances, DERMALOG and the local partner are in authority for distribution and installation at the predefined locations. Software and hardware acceptance tests after implementation are part of a successful installation service.