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Further training at DERMALOG

Whether it’s your attendance at specialist conferences or your involvement with specialist associations: We support you personally, in individual ways.
On this page you can find out all about ongoing training at DERMALOG, including those opportunities that our colleagues are already taking advantage of to further their professional careers.

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You can see a profile picture of Ina Evers from the human resources team.

“Hi, I’m Ina Evers. I’ve been working as an HR Business Partner at DERMALOG since 2019 and I’m the person to contact for advanced training and development. During my Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, I focused in depth on the subject of personnel development. We live in a fast-paced world that is evolving in often unpredictable ways. With this in mind, I enjoy being the sparring partner for the experts and managers on our team, aiming to make sure everyone can achieve their greatest potential.

Those who want to shape new emerging innovations cannot afford to stand still. Further education and advanced training of employees is indispensable for DERMALOG, when it comes to making sure we keep up with the times. We’re constantly expanding our horizons this way, and get the chance to think outside the box. Besides classic training formats, colleagues also share their insights from their visits to (inter)national conferences.”

Employees report on their advanced training experiences

European Conference for Machine Learning

“Working in Research & Development at DERMALOG involves not only following the latest developments in science from your desk, but also actively participating in these developments. To be more precise, this involves attending scientific conferences all over the world, listening to insightful lectures, and making contacts with like-minded professionals. Discussing subjects like biometrics, image processing and deep learning during the day, then musing over life in historic wine cellars in the evening. The European Conference for Machine Learning (ECML) 2019 in Würzburg, for example, had all this to offer and much more besides, in fact. It is the European offshoot of the more widely known ICML conference and was a successful blend that included basic theoretical research, algorithms that are being used in industry, and an impressive evening program that encompassed events held in the Würzburg Residence, a boat trip along the River Main, and a poster session in the famous ‘Hofkeller’.”

Erik, Systems Engineer in Biometric Research – Face

ISO and IEC Joint Technical Committee (JTC1)

“Here at DERMALOG, we have our finger on the pulse – sometimes quite literally. Our colleagues in the Biometric Research department attend national and international conferences on a regular basis. Among other things, this means that we get to follow the very latest developments in the fields of biometrics (e.g. on vein biometrics and liveness detection), machine learning and image processing. Unlike the speakers, we can browse freely through the interesting talks and posters, and seek out contact directly with the researchers. Even though this might sound like a passive role in the research community, it’s very exciting: the material, which is often theoretical, has to be distributed in-house, assessed and, where necessary, translated in a creative way for use in “real life”, in order to develop new products or improve existing ones. For DERMALOG, I’ve also been actively involved for many years in the standardisation of biometrics according to DIN, CEN and ISO.”

Daniel, Senior Systems Engineer in Biometric Research – Finger

KubeCon/CloudNative EU Conference

“Part of my job at DERMALOG involves the ongoing development of our operating platform. It’s with this in mind that we’ve been intensively monitoring this development within the context of the Kubernetes project for a few years now. It turned out that I was able to make a small contribution to the Kubernetes installation on “on prem” systems, which meant that I already knew some of the developers “virtually”. I then got the opportunity to attend the annual KubeCon/CloudNative EU conference, which took place in Barcelona in 2019. As well as the talks on all kinds of subjects related to Kubernetes and Cloud, the main focus was on networking (and, of course, this was a lot of fun!). I met a lot of other developers at the conference working in a similar environment to me, but there were also interesting people working at companies we have strategic links with. This kind of “change of scene” is also a great way to soak up new inspiration and, in turn, use it to enrich my work at DERMALOG.”

Martin, Leading System Engineer in Back-End Technology Projects