Company Background

DERMALOG Palm Recognition

Fast and accurate palm identification

DERMALOG Palm Identification implements matching characteristics that have made fingerprint recognition one of the best DERMALOG products. As with fingerprints, palm recognition is represented by information contained in the friction ridge impressions.

Their uniqueness and permanence are a trusted form of identification. Capturing and processing them has been automated in the DERMALOG AFIS and offers significant advantages.

Palm identification implements matching characteristics.Palm identification implements matching characteristics.

DERMALOG Palm Recognition – Effective Law Enforcement

In order to enhance the accuracy of identification, palm prints and fingerprints are often used in combination. A handprint, covering a significantly larger area of the skin, contains more identifying data making intentional falsification more diffcult.

Palm prints found on a crime scene play an important role in crime investigation. As a part of ABIS - palm recognition is successfully employed by police departments, federal police offices and intelligence services around the world as well as by military and judicial authorities.

Main advantages of DERMALOG Palm Recognition

  1. State-of-the-art card scan applications for conversion of fingerprint slaps/cards as well as palm prints from paper
  2. Live scan application for capturing of finger and palm prints, photos and signatures
  3. Automatic image processing for quality control of the captured prints