Company Background

Cambodian National ID Cards and ePassport

Biometric Solutions for Cambodia

The “National Biometric Registration System” ensures the identification of identities via DERMALOG AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). The possibility for “1:N matching” (matching against a whole data base) complements the range of functions. De-duplication and data collection take place from a central location in Cambodia via DERMALOG AFIS.

Cambodian citizens, whose data was already collected for the ID Card, benefit during ePassport application as data already stored can be used. In this way, processes are simplified resulting in faster document issuance. By now, the issuing of an ePassport is possible within a very short period of time. Furthermore, a prioritization, using a VIP list, is possible when issuing.

The Border Control Solution works with servers, which are exclusively located in Cambodia. At border crossing staff members scan the fingerprints, the face is captured via camera, ticket and passport are scanned as well.

Important aspects

  1. Simple administration processes and faster document creation.
  2. Protection against forgery (protection of personality).
  3. Best performance in terms of accuracies.

ID Card Registration

ID Card Registration

Staff members perform the ID Card Registration via personal data, photographs and ten print capturing on-site in the Cambodian provinces. The Photo Capturing System is very efficient and ensures that all the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation are complied with.

ID Card RegistrationID Card RegistrationID Card Registration

A mobile enrollment case built by DERMALOG engineers also offers the opportunity to register people in the countryside with an easy and safe procedure. DERMALOG has successfully delivered the registration system, central database AFIS/ABIS and biometric ID Cards for numerous national registration departments.