Company Background

DERMALOG Biometric Banking

Secure payment transactions

DERMALOG FingerBanking is a technology supporting banks demanding for secure payment transactions. The implemented biometric identification systems are convincingly effective and impress with their outstanding high-speed performance. A unique fingerprint combined with systems of facial recognition guarantees particularly high security levels while simultaneously offering improved comfort.

DERMALOGs innovative solutions simplify both transactions as well as numerous everyday banking operations. Customer identification by fingerprint brings significantly more conviniance to everyday business, protects bank accounts and combats fraud.

At the Bank Branch

Customers enjoy countless advantages by identifying via fingerprint. DERMALOG AFIS securely verifies if a person is registered. Once a registration is approved, the customer is able to use fingerprint technology for transactions like cash withdrawals or accessing deposit boxes.


At the Counter

Biometric identification makes cash or debit cards and saving books redundant. Putting a finger onto the scanner at the counter is the key to call up a personal account. A bank employee will check the corresponding data which is available immediately.

At Home and Mobile

DERMALOG’s biometric systems are suitable for home banking as well as for mobile banking. This service fits for customers preferring banking business without PINs/TANs including secure and convenient authentication.

Biometric ATMs

Once enrolled withdrawal from biometric ATMs is just a fingerprint away. Reliable identification is fully guaranteed by secure communication between the ATM and the DERMALOG AFIS.

The DERMALOG LF10 is the first tenprint and rolled fingerprint scanner providing liveness detection. Using its large scanning area the LF10 is optimized for creating high quality images. Its advanced optical system captures plain fingerprint images and rolled fingerprints within a second. From border management to voters registration or law enforcement - a comprehensive biometric solution. By using a touch pen signatures can be captured on the DERMALOG LF10 scan surface to meet all banking needs.

DERMALOG FingerBanking put into practice

  1. Easy cash-withdrawal transactions carried out by fingerprint at automated teller machines and counters
  2. Secure transactions without passwords, PINs and TANs
  3. Maximum protection from false identities and undesirable/blacklisted customers