Company Background

DERMALOG SIM Card Registration

Biometric Solutions for SIM Card Registration

Global safety requirements confront companies with new challenges. Due to increased safety regulations, governmental bodies demand transparent customer relationships. The collection of demographic information as well as biometric data is the key to crystal-clear KYC (Know Your Customer). Linking a mobile SIM card with its owner made possible by forgery-proof biometrics meet the highest security requirements.

The DERMALOG high-speed AFIS including state-of-the-art fingerprint scanners offer the opportunity not only to verify (1:1) customers. Depending on the given goal AFIS enables identification processes as well. End-to-end solutions can involve fingerprint live scanners combined with smart card readers, scanners for tenprints and rolled prints and advanced database architecture. 

DERMALOG SIM Card Registration

Comprehensive solutions

DERMALOG delivers fully operational systems including hardware and software. The scope of services includes installation, system integration and configuration to achieve tailor made results. Performance checks and training for local staff complete the offered services.



The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) by DERMALOG matches fingerprints and reports attempts of multiple registration. The size of the secured fingerprint reference database is virtually unlimited.