Company Background

DERMALOG Customization

Customization for your needs

Every business unit even in the same industry will differ from one another, in various criteria, ranging from the size of the company to place, to business / delivery model. This ever-changing market environment with a different business unit, a different style of operation, and different set of needs will demand a unique solution.

We try to conceive all of our solutions as modular and adaptable as possible as it is one of our main goals to satisfy each of our customers' needs. Single products or solutions can be modified for special areas of use.

DERMALOG products – modular and adaptable

Modularity and adaptability are central for DERMALOG products and solutions. DERMALOG can easily adapt solutions and products to a customer’s needs - even very comprehensive changes.

A local language option or even switchable languages are just the start. DERMALOG adapts software to the customers’ workflow and is able to implement a customer data dictionary. Systems will be sized according to the customers’ needs.

For questions about customization options of DERMALOG hardware or software, the in-house experts are always available at all times.