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Work in unique ways, but never alone. Each of our teams is assigned specific tasks and areas of expertise. Make the world a safer place. Get to know the different departments at DERMALOG.

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Biometric Products

Our teams for biometric research and development

DERMALOG’s origins lie in human biology research. And to this day, research and development specialised in biometric procedures still remain our core competences. We develop innovative hardware and software components for biometric identification and create new products. Our focus is on delivering complete solutions. Software and hardware need to be developed on an ongoing basis. Mutual support within our teams sets them apart, together with an openness to embrace new ideas and approaches.

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Our teams for technical implementation

In our Technics department, we devote our time and energy to implementing the projects and developing existing products further. The hardware and software components created by the Biometric Products department form the basis for this work. We do everything – from setting up the architecture, to supporting the internal and external infrastructure, to installing the products on-site at customers’ premises. Bringing flexibility to the dynamic project world of biometrics is at the heart of what we do in this department.

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Check on a phone for project quality management.Check on a phone for project quality management.

Project & Quality Management

Our teams for planning, organisation and quality assurance

Whether we’re rolling out biometric banking in Nigeria, or configuring a border control system in the Maldives – project management is where all the threads come together for our major international projects. The needs of our customers are very wide-ranging. We do the planning, set up project teams and processes, and intervene whenever something needs to be adapted or adjusted. Classic methods or agile working – both are possible. We form a strong unit together with quality management.

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Our teams for sales, marketing and tenders

We oversee the marketing and sales distribution of our biometric devices and solutions. In addition to our Sales Managers, who acquire international projects, the Sales Support teams make the processing and implementation of tenders possible. The Marketing & Design team also supports the Technics department with the screen designs for the applications.

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Our teams for finance, purchasing & logistics, reception and human resources

We’re about far more than just admin! We provide support to DERMALOG’s management team and organise all internal company functions, tasks and processes. Administrative activities are always exciting in an international company with subsidiaries based abroad. We have a wide range of different responsibilities – a fact also reflected in our various teams.

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