Company Background

DERMALOG Biometric ID Cards

Digitally encoding personal information

DERMALOG offers multi-purpose biometric ID cards for numerous fields of application like civil servant cards, health cards, driver’s licenses, or seafarer’s cards. Several countries are using a DERMALOG system to register foreign workers and to issue their biometric foreign worker’s cards (green cards) and permanent resident cards.


Due to this well-engineered and indispensable technology, DERMALOG can look back on successful implementations worldwide, which were delivered according to special customer requirements. In addition, DERMALOG can provide state-of-the-art hardware: document readers, chip and RFID card readers, 2D barcode readers as well as fingerprint scanners adapted to special application requirements.

Civil Servant Cards

DERMALOGʼs civil servant cards are in use with the DERMALOG AFIS. They ensure correct single identities of government servants and prevent individuals from receiving multiple salaries (“double dippers”).

Health Cards

Complete biometric health card systems have been supplied by DERMALOG: clients are insurance companies and Health Ministries.

Seafarer’s Cards

DERMALOG has supplied complete systems for biometric seafarer registration, including Seafarer’s Cards, e.g. to Malaysia and Bangladesh. DERMALOG is one of the few ILO certified companies which is able to print a biometric barcode, which is readable in every international port.

ZF1+ Smart Card Reader – verifying identity by fingerprint and MCU-based card. The perfect solution for any authentication system with integrated fingerprint biometrics based on smart cards.