Company Background

DERMALOG Border Control

Monitoring and regulating borders

With an ever-increasing mobility of individuals and goods in a globalized world, states need to find a balance between fast processing and secure borders. DERMALOG offers solutions to develop and implement Border Control Systems as well as checks for secure border management - relying on experience gained from projects worldwide. The solutions include fully installed Border Control Systems with DERMALOG's Smart Border Engine (SBE). DERMALOG’s Biometric Gate is the first fully automated electronic gate utilizing premium 3D sensor high resolution camera technology combined with a precisely defined field of view. DERMALOG’s Biometric Gate reduces transit times, provides a self-service process and raises the appeal of using the airport.

The passport scanner XF3 as well as the DERMALOG VF1 for documents and biometrics are compact, full-page ePassport scanners. They offer interfaces, logistic structures and software modules to related peripheral authorities - such as Federal Police forces and government agencies. Travellers crossing the border - entering or departing - get their passports scanned within a few seconds. DERMALOG software offers several possibilities - from authenticity checks to matching with existing database entries.

Supporting Various Kinds of Authentication

DERMALOG border control scanners support Basic Access Control (BAC), Supplementary Access Control (SAC) and Extended Access Control (EAC) - active, passive and terminal authentication are included.

Travel Documents

The scanners process landing cards by an analysis of check boxes. The devices operate with boarding passes via barcode and magnetic stripes.

Additional Features

Displaying travel history - including records from different passports. Fingerprints enrollment for subsequently verification or AFIS handling (identification via 1:n). Fast verifying of identities by fingerprint and/or face. Blacklist functions (with optional silent alert functions) as well as license plate recognition at borders. The Interpol MIND/FIND system can be integrated.

The DERMALOG Biometric Gate in combination with DERMALOG passport scanners ensures fast readout of numerous documents like machine-readable passports, electronic passports, ID cards, eID cards, flight tickets, barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes. A cutting-edge camera guarantees only one person at a time can pass the Biometric Gate.

Highest Requirements and Standards of Border Control Authorities

  1. Fast clearance of tourists and visitors
  2. Detection of false and duplicate identities
  3. Automated border clearance at the gates, such as the DERMALOG Gate