Company Background

DERMALOG <br /> Biometric Health Card Systems

Providing innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions

Health insurers suffer economic damage due to false claims. By linking a patient and his claims by the use of biometrics - identity fraud can be prevented. The efficient deployment of financial resources is brought a step forward by DERMALOG Health Card Systems. As developer, manufacturer and system integrator DERMALOG is a partner for all stages concerning the whole health card system. Scanning an applicant’s biometric characteristics with DERMALOG scanner hardware a complete infrastructure can be established.

In combination with demographical data an individualized health card can be issued. The collected data stored on a chip will be stored on a database at the same time. The DERMALOG multi-biometric software allows to identify or verify an individual’s identity prior to use medical services. For example, medical practices can be equipped with DERMALOG solutions to match biometric and demographical data between device and database. Health-related data can be stored on the health card as well. 

Multiple Data Stored on Health Cards – Preventing Identity Fraud

Biometric data, biographical data and health-related data safeguard user identities. Creating safe solutions is a DERMALOG key qualification.


The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) by DERMALOG matches fingerprints and reports attempts of multiple registration. The size of the secured fingerprint reference database is virtually unlimited.

ZF1+ Smart Card Reader – verifying identity by fingerprint and MCU-based card. The perfect solution for any authentication system with integrated fingerprint biometrics based on smart cards.