Company Background

DERMALOG Police/Criminal AFIS

Technology for crime investigation

DERMALOG AFIS is the product of decades-long experience in the development of Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems ("AFIS") and the company's core product. Worldwide, DERMALOG AFIS is used in national and international public institutions and companies, as it achieves the highest possible identification and hit rates in service – in small as well as in large databases. The DERMALOG Criminal AFIS provides comprehensive support for crime investigation.

Police departments, federal police and intelligence services as well as military and judicial authorities around the world successfully use Criminal AFIS. The use of fingerprint identification (dactyloscopy) and the corresponding biometric application (AFIS) is authorized by legal systems in numerous countries. The DERMALOG Criminal AFIS can be applied to convict potential criminals solely based on identified fingerprints found at a crime scene.

The DERMALOG LF10 is the first tenprint and rolled fingerprint scanner providing liveness detection. Its advanced optical system captures plain fingerprint images and rolled fingerprints within a second. From border management to voter registration or law enforcement - a comprehensive biometric solution.

Numerous AFIS installations display DERMALOG's expertise and efficiency. Our perspective and orientation is not limited by local or country-specific conditions: due to its worldwide activity, DERMALOG is familiar with all conditions on all continents and we consistently incorporate this additional know-how into our technology, in particular the software. 

Effective Crime Solving: Criminal AFIS

  1. State of the art card scan application for capturing fingerprint slaps / cards as well as paper-based palm prints
  2. Live scan application for capture of finger and palm prints, photo and signature
  3. Automatic image processing for quality control of the captured prints