Company Background

DERMALOG Biometric Payment

DERMALOG is the biometric payment pioneer

Server-driven matching of - for example  fingerprint or face as well as both biometrics in combination leads to a full replacement of PIN numbers and passwords. Mobile payment devices and POS including biometrics are part of DERMALOG’s solution. DERMALOG “FingerPayment” significantly increases security for both retailer and customer as payment cards and bank notes become dispensable and the payment process is handled by using a fingerprint.


Since the fingerprint is not permanently saved as an actual image, but as an encoded template generated from the acquired image, privacy rights are not infringed. As well, there is no possibility for third parties to steal fingerprint images. The payment process is carried out with high-tech point-of-sale terminals that are easy to use and attractive for customers, thus creating customer retention marketing benefit. Thanks to increased efficiency and a growing customer base DERMALOG “FingerPayment” on average amortizes within just six months after implementation. 


Personal Registration – Simple, Fast and Convenient

Fingerprint data, bank details and personal information will be interlinked. Entering the data can be done on a self-service terminal. Customers can now start their shopping.

Reduced Waiting Times at the Checkout

Compared to payment processes using cash or general bank cards (entering and confirming a PIN number) “FingerPayment” significantly saves time. DERMALOG Fingerprint Scanners and corresponding AFIS software provide efficiency for customers and stores.

Complete Security

Data security is ensured. Processes are not accessible for third parties. Stored datasets are only visible for authorised individuals. 

Due to its compact size the F1 is a solution for mobile applications or easy installation into fixed units.

DERMALOG – the biometric payment pioneer

  1. Easy cash-withdrawal transactions carried out by fingerprint at automated teller machines and counters
  2. Secure transactions without passwords, PINs and TANs
  3. Maximum protection from false identities and undesirable/blacklisted customers