Employee story: A sneak peek into the world of work for Jan


DERMALOG employee testimonial Jan.

“Hi, I’m Jan and I work at DERMALOG on models / software for recognising biometric features of people, in the field of facial biometrics. I started working at DERMALOG because I was fascinated by machine learning.

The best thing about my working day is that I get to live out my hobby (programming) in my job, really get to grips with the challenges I’m faced with, and learn new things along the way.
My tech stack is Tensorflow, Pytorch, OpenCV, Jenkins and Linux. I usually program using Python and C++.”


DERMALOG is a comparatively small company where one person can make a big difference, and that really motivates me. The hierarchies are quite flat and there is ample opportunity to develop and grow as an individual.

Jan, Systems Engineer

What is it you like most about your job?

Problem solving

Problem solving

I enjoy my job at those times when I manage to solve another problem.

Data highway (remote work)

Data highway (remote work)

This is my favourite place to work.

Supportive team spirit

Supportive team spirit

Whenever you need help or support it is always available. Every situation is taken seriously.

Experiencing success at DERMALOG

My favourite project at DERMALOG is ‘Face Detection’. I created a new model that is considerably faster and better than the previous one.

Things I love and things that annoy me

Things I love:

  • The high esteem and respect shown between colleagues on the teams I work in 
  • The very family-friendly employment conditions
  • The new kinds of technologies we get to work on


Things that annoy me:

  • The quality of the coffee, which varies depending on which floor of the building you happen to be working on