Employee stories: The diverse world of biometrics at DERMALOG

Every single one of our projects is unique. Just like the people who implement them. The following stories, told by our employees, give you an insight into the world of work at DERMALOG. You can find out what our teams like about tasks assigned to them, and where they still see room for improvement. One part of our corporate culture is that we’re always striving to get better, and our goal is to find people who can help us do that.

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Working at DERMALOG

Jan – the Problem Solver

Tensorflow, Pytorch, OpenCV, Jenkins and Linux – that’s Jan’s tech stack. Besides going into more detail about all that technology, he also shares a little more about the close-knit community of people working at DERMALOG. Find out more!

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DERMALOG employee testimonial Jan.DERMALOG employee testimonial Jan.
DERMALOG employee testimonial MarcoDERMALOG employee testimonial Marco

Marco – the Ideas Generator

From superpowers to favourite projects: Marco’s story reveals some insights about him as a person, and about his work at DERMALOG. It’s well worth the read!

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