Employee story: a sneak peek into the exciting world of marco’s work

“Hi, I’m Marco and I develop the interfaces between DERMALOG devices and the customer software. Our products give the customer a standardised interface that can be used with many different programming languages on a diverse range of architectures.

Why DERMALOG? Because the technologies developed here are used around the globe. Working in biometric software development is extremely exciting as it can be used to map physical reality in the digital world.”


My work is dictated by stimulating projects all over the world, and by the development and implementation of new ideas.

Marco, Senior Systems Engineer

What is it you like most about your job?

My Team

My Team

Everyone likes coming to work and there is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  

Coffee and a chat

Coffee and a chat

For me, nothing beats having an informal “in-person” meeting with my team.

Product launch

Product launch

I always enjoy seeing the realisation of a product through to completion: from the idea through to delivery.

Insights into DERMALOG

My fun fact

  • If I could have one superpower it would be to emit UV light like the “All-in-One Scanner VF1” – then I would ever need to use disinfectant again.


Nice-to-know about DERMALOG

  • We can be found all over the world.


The future trend driving our work

  • Definitely machine learning and quantum cryptography.


Not-nice-to-have at DERMALOG

  • We all work in three different buildings, meaning that there are some colleagues I hardly ever get to see.

My favourite project

ePassport PKI: PKI stands for “Public Key Infrastructure” and has become an integral part of our security standards that is here to stay. I was driven in this project by the idea of applying the basic principles cryptography to a software product that is able to make electronic documents even more secure.

My motivators

  1. The new kinds of technologies we work on
  2. The option to work from home
  3. The tasks assigned to me