Students and trainees share their impressions

The first day at

“Before I started my training at DERMALOG, I only had a limited idea of what to expect in this company. I was reassured on the very first day, when I was given the opportunity to explore the three company buildings along with all the other newcomers, and make the acquaintance of the majority of my new colleagues.

A short time later, I got to set up my new workplace and settle in to my new environment. In the months that followed, I really learned a lot and have never regretted my decision to switch from full-time study to a training apprenticeship. The job is exciting and I really benefit from the encouragement of my colleagues.”

Julius, subsequently employed after traineeship as IT Specialist, Application Development

DERMALOG employee testimonial for trainees.DERMALOG employee testimonial for trainees.

Trainee project in application development

“Dooraccess’ is the name of a trainee project at DERMALOG. Together, the trainees have designed a system that allows doors on the company premises to be opened by fingerprint or facial recognition. Different access authorisations can be configured for different areas.

The special thing about ‘Dooraccess’ is that it has been developed and is maintained by trainees alone. It’s an internal, ongoing project, with no pressure of delivery by a particular deadline, so trainees can let off some steam, try out new things, and learn from and with each other in the process. The project opens up a variety of different ways to get involved, and there is something for everyone. Whether it’s designing and optimising the database, planning the backend infrastructure, or expanding the web frontend. When it comes to the automated opening part, there are also hardware issues to deal with. So there is always something for everyone to do!

New trainees arriving bring a breath of fresh air to the project, so it never stops being exciting. The ‘Dooraccess’ trainee project is in effect a never-ending project that never seems to be finished, but it’s always fun to optimise the system and implement new features together.”

Paul, subsequently employed after traineeship as IT Specialist, Application Development

From trainee to trainer

“Since I completed my vocational training at DERMALOG in 2016 as an IT Specialist in Application Development, I’ve been working as a System Engineer in the backend projects department. During my time as a trainee, I got to know the company in lots of different ways. There was something new and interesting to learn about every single day, and as I rotate around several different departments I got to know a whole load of nice colleagues, some of whom I’m still good friends with to this day. When I became one of the trainers myself in 2019, I set myself the personal goal of passing on all the positive things I experienced during my training program. Besides the relatively small age gap between me and my trainees, my own experiences of the training program also benefit me as I go about my current job. I enjoy following each and every trainee through the different stages of their time with us, with lots of laughs along the way, insightful conversations, and those famous “a-ha” moments I get to witness.”

Christoph, subsequently employed after traineeship as IT Specialist, Application Development

Insight into the work of dual students of Business Administration

“At DERMALOG I’m shown a lot of trust and appreciation. I was given the chance to take on responsibility early on. At the start of the pandemic, I became a part of our crisis team and got to play an active role in preparing the company for the upcoming lockdown and Covid-related changes that lay ahead.

During my second semester I took on the responsibility in the cold acquisition team, coordinating incoming enquiries regarding our thermal imaging camera for temperature control. I particularly enjoy working on international projects and interacting with (potential) customers. At DERMALOG I have a lot of freedom for my own creativity, and new ideas are always welcome.

Every day brings new challenges, so my work brings a lot of variety with it.”

Malve, subsequently employed after traineeship as Dual Student of Business Administration

Sounds a bit cheesy, but it's true

I couldn't have chosen a better place to train as a Management Assistant in Wholesale & Exports.

Now that I'm about to graduate, I can look back on a box full of experience gained in the various departments at DERMALOG. From reception desk to marketing, project management, sales, accounting and human resources, I especially remember the many interactions I had with customers from all over the world. Now, I am looking forward to my training in the purchasing and shipping department to get to know the core business of an external distributor.

I have learned the cultural, technical, and economic aspects of international trade in every department at DERMALOG.
The weekly lessons at the vocational school are a pleasant change between practical everyday work and theoretical school knowledge. Just as pleasant, of course, are the rather short school days ;).

Bela, trainee as Management Assistant in Wholesale & Exports