Dual study program in Business Administration

Your dual study program in Business Administration at DERMALOG consists of various different modules. Everything is covered, from basic business knowledge and financial accounting, through to business legislation and the basics of IT. You’ll study at our partner university, the Nordakademie. It places a particular emphasis on foreign languages, as well as  personal and professional development, in the form of seminars.

At the same time, you’ll work in a number of different departments at our company, including Marketing, Sales, Finance and Project Management. You’ll support the teams in their day-to-day business and be involved in current projects.

Hard Facts

  • Salary by year of study: €1,200 / €1,300 / €1,400
  • Duration of program: 3 1/2 years
  • Type of training: Dual vocational training (company and university in time blocks)
  • Required school-leaving qualification: Higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife)
  • Degree: Internationally recognised “Bachelor of Science” degree from a renowned, private university supported by business and industry with 210 ECTS credits
  • University: Nordakademie - University of Applied Sciences
  • Place of study: Elmshorn

What will you learn at DERMALOG?

We’re an innovative, fast-growing and internationally focused company with flat hierarchies. Thanks to our international projects, you’ll get to know other nationalities better during your studies, and have the chance to improve your foreign language skills. While working in our various departments, you’ll be a full-fledged team member who others rely on.

The quality of the training and education you receive is also very important to us. Even during the practical phase of the program, you’ll have time for university, for example, for your home study. And there’s always room for your own ideas and wishes too, whether these relate to your studies or to anything else. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

What will you learn during your studies?

By rotating around our various different departments, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how a medium-sized, international company works, and how it is organised internally. You’ll gain practical experience in different fields, whether that’s communicating with customer companies, or working in different team structures.

Which school subjects are important?

  • English: Good basic knowledge of English. You’ll be assigned a place on an English course, depending on your level of proficiency when you begin your studies. This will give you the chance to improve your existing English skills. From the fourth semester onwards, modules are also offered in English. What’s more: Having good written and spoken English skills is important when working at DERMALOG.
  • German: You need a good command of written and spoken German for internal and external communication – both in the workplace and when it comes to exams during your studies.
  • Mathematics: A good understanding of numbers and the basics of mathematics are an advantage. The pre-course will give you a chance to brush up on the knowledge required for your studies.

What prior knowledge is required for this degree program?

Essentially, the dual study program requires little prior knowledge. Having said that, previous knowledge of financially-related fields, for instance from past training or completion of a business baccalaureate, can be helpful. It can also be advantageous to have gained experience abroad – both in terms of personal development and communication in other languages. Experience working with Microsoft Office is also useful, as we work with it on a daily basis.

What soft skills are required?

  1. Ability to work in a team
  2. Self-initiative
  3. Curiosity to learn new things