Company Background

Training as a Media Designer

We’re on the look-out for design talent! In this training programme at DERMALOG, you’ll be tasked with creating marketing materials for our biometric products. Come and join our team!

Career at DERMALOG Training and dual study Jobs

Your training as a media designer at DERMALOG

Your creativity has free reign with us. As a Media Designer, you’ll get to work in the Marketing and Design teams. You’ll be conceiving layouts and combining text, image and video files to produce multimedia content. We’ll be needing you as an internal service provider for a range of different tasks. You’ll create brochures and screen designs for our products, and work on our website. Besides your own ideas and having a “good eye”, we’ll also expect you to have a feel for and keen interest in trends and innovations.

Hard Facts

  • Salary by training year: €1,200 / €1,300 / €1,400
  • Duration of programme: 3 years
  • Type of training: Dual vocational training (alternating between company and vocational school) – lessons in 3-week blocks
  • Specialisation: Design and visualisation
  • Required school-leaving qualification: Secondary school leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss) or university entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • Training location: Hamburg

What will you do as a media designer at DERMALOG?

Brochures, websites, adverts, videos or trade show presentations – designs for the latest IT technology are a dream for all media designers. You get to create brochures, design landing pages and learn the basics of corporate design, web design and social media marketing, as well as how to work with image editing programmes and layout software during your training. Creative and design tasks alternate with more conceptual tasks.

What soft skills are required?

  1. Creativity
  2. Strong sense of spatial vision and imagination
  3. Ability to collaborate well in a team