DERMALOG temperature detection in operation at Hanover exhibition grounds

Hamburg/Hanover, February 27, 2020

The spread of coronavirus also affects the event industry. Congresses and trade fairs are postponed or even canceled worldwide for fear of a pandemic. Event organizer UKi Media & Events is using innovative technology from DERMALOG at its present trade fair in Hanover to protect its visitors.

This week, the Tire Technology Expo has opened in Hannover. More than 5,000 visitors from all over the world come to the fair to learn about new products and innovations in tire manufacturing. At the entrance, the latest technology from DERMALOG ensures greater health safety because organizer UKi Media & Events has implemented the company's new temperature detection system.

At the exhibition center entrances, not only the admission ticket but also the visitors' body temperature is checked – without any additional waiting time. The DERMALOG system detects in real-time the temperature of each visitor as he passes through the entrance and sends the measured values to the control staff via screen notification. If a person is detected to have an elevated temperature, the system alarms control staff and the affected person can be sent for a health check.

DERMALOG's temperature detection provides more accurate and precise results than competitive camera systems, based on the latest face recognition technology. High accuracy at a distance of up to 2 m is one of the solution's outstanding features. The camera has a wide range of applications, for example, at major events such as trade fairs, concerts or sporting events.

The DERMALOG Body Temperature Camera is already in use at border controls. At Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok, the company has fully integrated its solution into the border control system of the Thai immigration authorities. Thanks to the news system, travelers entering the country can be checked for temperature during passport control.

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