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Joining Forces for Secure Identification: Fingerprint-Scanner Specialist JENETRIC becomes Part of DERMALOG

Hamburg/Jena, Germany, June 13 2023

JENETRIC specializes in digital fingerprint capture using optical TFT technology. Germany's largest biometrics company, DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, has acquired JENETRIC to drive innovations in the field of biometric identification jointly.

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, has signed an agreement to acquire the business operations of JENETRIC GmbH, based in Jena, Germany.

Since 2014, JENETRIC has been developing and selling innovative identification solutions. The company is a leader in the field of TFT technology for capturing high-quality fingerprints and contactless fingerprint capture. JENETRIC's scanners are used worldwide, including border controls, registration offices, law enforcement, elections and refugee registration.

Following the acquisition, JENETRIC will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of DERMALOG under the brand name DERMALOG JENETRIC GmbH. The employees at the Jena site will be retained in the new company structure. JENETRIC will also continue to serve its existing customers under the new name. In addition, the expertise of both companies will be combined to advance joint developments.

"Together with JENETRIC, we intend to strengthen Germany as a hub for technical innovations in the field of biometric identification," said DERMALOG CEO Günther Mull. "For example, JENETRIC's advanced TFT technology, in combination with DERMALOG's proven liveness detection, will provide substantial value to customers in both the government and private sectors," Mull added.

"We are excited to have found in DERMALOG a partner that has been successful in the biometrics business for many years and operates worldwide. This creates opportunities to establish JENETRIC's technology in additional markets and to exploit its full potential," said Dirk Morgeneier, co-founder of JENETRIC.

DERMALOG is Germany's pioneer in biometrics and the largest German manufacturer of biometric systems. Founded in 1995, the company develops fingerprint, face and iris identification solutions. 260 government agencies in more than 100 countries use DERMALOG's technology, for example, at border controls and for issuing ID cards. Banks are also among DERMALOG's customers.

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