Zambian delegation visits DERMALOG

Hamburg, November 15, 2019

Between the 11th and 15th of November 2019 Dermalog received a visit from a Zambian Delegation in relation to the INRIS (Integrated National Registration Information System) Project.

The delegation came to discuss the Phase 2 of the INRIS Project, whose Phase 1 was a Pilot implemented by Dermalog in 2014/15. Dermalog had the honor to host Dr. Liya Nawa Mutale, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr. Gregory Chola Nsofu, Director IT of the National Pension Scheme Authority and Mr. Dylan Kasonde, Director IT of the Electoral Commission of Zambia. During the visit the Delegation discussed, inspected and tested the different technology options for the enhancement and extension of the current Integrated National Registration Information System.

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