<b>Fingerprint</b> Scanner <b>TF1+</b>

Fingerprint Scanner TF1+

Next level of miniaturization in biometrics.

Ease of Use

Self-explanatory design leads users to put a finger on the scanner in a correct way without needing assistance.

Space-Saving Dimensions

One of the world’s smallest optical fingerprint scanner with dimensions of only 41.34 mm x 27.28 mm x 7.25 mm.

Excellent Quality

Excellent quality for both wet and dry fingerprints

DERMALOG TF1+ – Successful Entry into Biometric Identification

High-quality fingerprints in a small compass.

With dimensions of only 41.3 x 27.3 x 7.3 mm, the TF1+ is one of the smallest single-fingerprint scanners available. Nevertheless, the device meets all the necessary standards for reliable and safe use in the public and the private sector. The device is not only extremely small and durable, but also easy to integrate. This makes it easier for various industries to get started with biometric identification.

Numerous DERMALOG Applications for TF1+

Biometric Payment

Server-driven biometric matching enables a full replacement of PIN numbers and passwords.

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Biometric Banking

Complete biometric solutions for banks - ensuring maximum security and best possible KYC.

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Technical Data

  • Fingerprint scanning window size

    19.3 mm x 13.8 mm

  • Optical scanning area

    18 mm x 12.8 mm

  • Image resolution

    360 x 256 pixels, 508 dpi

  • Bit Depth

    8 bit, 256 gray levels

  • Raw fingerprint image file size

    90 kByte

  • Interface

    USB 2.0 full-speed

  • Dimensions (H x W x D)

    41.34 mm x 27.28 mm x 7.25 mm

  • Weight (including USB cable)

    9 g

  • Operating temperature

    -10 °C to +55 °C at a humidity up to 90%, non condensing

  • Storage temperature

    -40 °C to +60 °C at a humidity 20% to 90%, non condensing

  • Supply DC

    4.75 – 5.25 V (USB-powered)

  • Wear-and-tear cycles


  • Cover hardness


  • Certifications

    CE, FBI-PIV, FBI Mobile ID FAP10



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