<b>Camera </b>Tower <b>CT1</b>

Camera Tower CT1

Automated facial image capture for border checks

Automated Process

CT1 detects and captures faces through its built-in fully automatic camera system.

Outstanding Quality

CT1 processes all data complying with latest ICAO and EES (EU Entry/Exit System) standards.

Optimized Traveler Flow

CT1 reduces redundant image data capture and enables higher passenger throughput.

Improving Border Management with Automated Facial Image Capture

Improving Border Management with Automated Facial Image Capture

CT1 Camera Tower is DERMALOG's latest solution providing secure, fast and convenient facial image capture at border crossings. It processes travelers most conveniently and efficiently through a fully automated workflow, including an automatic high-speed camera system. CT1 Camera Tower captures high-quality facial images, creating the basis for accurate and reliable biometric identity checks. DERMALOG's built-in liveness detection ensures additional security.

The Camera Tower captures and processes all data complying with ICAO and EU-EES standards and connects easily with existing border control systems. This makes it best suited for immigration pre-screening and traveler registration, especially at border crossings of the European Schengen area. DERMALOG has developed CT1 with experience from more than 15 border control installations deployed worldwide. Choose the CT1 and benefit from our knowledge in improving border management for travelers and operators.

Improving Border Management with Automated Facial Image CaptureImproving Border Management with Automated Facial Image Capture

DERMALOG's CT1 is applicable in various setups.

CT1 Product Features

  1. Best ICAO compliant face image quality
  2. Easy and fast to use
  3. Capturing distance from 50 - 150 cm / 70 - 200 cm

CT1 Technical Features

  • Size

    2200 x 500 x 550 mm

  • Size (without base plate and plinth)

    1915 x 307 x 200 mm + Vesa-Mount

  • Weight

    < 100 kg

  • Capture Range

    500 - 1500 mm / 700 - 2000 mm

  • Display

    7" LCD

  • Illumination

    5200 K, max. 7000 lm

  • CRI


  • Resolution

    12 MP, 4072 x 3046

  • Motor speed

    Up to 100 cm/sec

  • Highest Camera Position

    2050 mm

  • Lowest Camera Position

    1050 mm

  • Ambient temperature and humidity during operation

    10°C to 30 °C (50°F to 86°F), humidity 20 –75% non-condensing

  • Power Supply

    230 V

  • Mounting

    3x VESA 100 x 100 for wall mount, Base plate for floor mount

  • Interface

    Gigabit Ethernet LAN connection

  • Compliance

    ICAO, ISO 19794-5:2011, ISO 39794-5:2019

  • SDK

    DERMALOG Camera Tower SDK (.NET interface)