Company Background

DERMALOG Biometric Matching System

DERMALOG Biometric Matching System (BMS)

DERMALOG's Biometric Matching System (BMS) offers various biometric services such as verification and identification based on any combination of biometric modalities as well as biometric records and identity management. It provides data exchange possibilities with other biometric systems through standard interfaces and formats like NIST. The common business objective of BMS is to prevent identity fraud. Each identity in the system is linked to a biometric enrollment record which is used for comparison to prevent duplicate entries and identity theft.


The system's performance is defined by its throughput (number of requests and their response time) as well as its accuracy (number of false positive and false negative responses). The total number of biometric records in the system and the underlying hardware are the most critical factor for the performance. Performance values are a topic for reporting. In the case of a found matching biometric record, a so-called hit report is generated. Biometric Matching System consists of multiple services to handle biometric records of fingerprint, facial and iris images.

Fingerprint Matching

Independent tests have confirmed that DERMALOG is a provider of state-of-the-art fingerprint matching techniques capable of fast and accurate fingerprint matching.

Iris Recognition

DERMALOG iris recognition represents an ideal choice as a non-invasive and simple-to-apply biometric solution.

Face Recognition

DERMALOG face recognition is recognized for user-friendliness and high verification rates. 

Palm Recognition

DERMALOG Palmprint Recognition implements matching characteristics that have made our recognition solution one of our best products. 



Normally fingerprints and face are used in combination, often also fingerprints, face and iris. DERMALOG BMS enables the integration of hand palms, DNA, veins and other biometric and non-biometric features and their fusion with core modalities.